Wellbeing inspired by nature

Soulful Nature

Let me guide you to live your best life, well. I'm so glad you’re here.

My intention is clear, to meet you where you are, to guide and support, as you navigate the way to live your best life.

Supporting you to live well through yoga and meditation. I offer my most compassionate, clear, supportive self. Someone who cares, listens and is curious to understand.

I use the same principles of each wellbeing practice in my life too, I understand and I know how they feel.

Physically : to be active and able at any age
Emotionally : a compassionate listening ear
Spiritually : to discover a deeper connection to life
Mindfully : to release from relentless thoughts

I am here to be of service & I look forward to meeting you.

Soulful nature

The art of creativity flows through life, turning imaginative ideas into reality.

I find making something by hand relaxing and restorative, recent examples are here for you to choose in the online shop.

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