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Slowly we embrace Spring and in my garden I see small signs of growth, maybe you can in yours too. While we wait for the season to evolve, I invite you to consider the variety of things that build your resilience and serve you well.

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What others say

It’s quite blissful

In this busy life we are led to believe we are to fill every waking minute with getting things done. Fran supports and encourages us to feel at ease with giving yourself permission to do nothing just to feel well. It’s quite blissful. I feel refreshed after every session.

Milton Keynes

Through the open window

Yesterday I had the window open in the room and the birdsong came through, it was just the perfect backdrop to our meditation! In fact, I was tempted to take myself out into the garden altogether, thank you again for a great session.

Aspley Guise

My deep gratitude

I just wanted to make sure that you knew how much good all your sessions do me. I find your gentle encouraging guidance and ideas so very helpful, so I wanted to express to you my deep gratitude.
Milton Keynes