It’s quite blissful

In this busy life we are led to believe we are to fill every waking minute with getting things done. Fran supports and encourages us to feel at ease with giving yourself permission to do nothing just to feel well. It’s quite blissful. I feel refreshed after every session.

Milton Keynes

Through the open window

Yesterday I had the window open in the room and the birdsong came through, it was just the perfect backdrop to our meditation! In fact, I was tempted to take myself out into the garden altogether, thank you again for a great session.

Aspley Guise

My deep gratitude

I just wanted to make sure that you knew how much good all your sessions do me. I find your gentle encouraging guidance and ideas so very helpful, so I wanted to express to you my deep gratitude.
Milton Keynes

Discovering yoga

I’m really enjoying discovering yoga for the first time. I have always found it very hard to sit still and relax. I have tried many meditation and relaxation techniques over the years, and not found one to suit. As someone with a chronic health condition , anything physical is a challenge. Fran’s weekly yoga practice has been a revelation. Not only have I been able to join in with most of the practice, I have found it relaxing and just what I needed in these trying times. I have also joined in her 1.5 hour workshop, and come out of it so relaxed and refreshed, and with no idea where the time had gone.

Milton Keynes

Help to heal

Last year was a traumatic year for me, you helped me then and still help me now. A friend recommended Fran and her 1-1 Restorative Yoga. She has helped me heal physically and mentally, learning to cope with a “new normal” and regain body confidence. Fran is kind and patient. I now attend her group sessions to continue the therapy, where she provides a tranquil oasis in a turbulent world.


It’s like stepping into a time machine!

Hours fly by in a Restorative Yoga workshop and yet it feels like somehow time has been suspended. I’ve escaped from the frenzy of modern life and been in a wonderful place! Fran’s style is warm, encouraging and intuitive… she just seems to know what you need in that moment, she gently guides us to feel 100% better. Pure bliss!


I love Fran’s Restorative Yoga

She has a calm, knowledgeable manner which inspires us all. Fran blends this with the use of essential oils leaving us feeling relaxed and energy restored.

Newport Pagnell