Restorative Yoga Class


This is a monthly 90 minute virtual regular class. Restorative Yoga is a therapeutic practice for wellbeing. A practice to sooth the nervous system, relieve stress, relax and rebalance the emotions, which can be particularly useful when you wish to work through health challenges and return to optimum wellbeing.


Friday 23rd April

Friday 21st May

Thursday 17th June

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By using props such as blankets, cushions and bolsters we support the body to experience relaxation more easily. This is a meditative practice including breathing techniques that can be useful in every day life. Please find a place of least distraction, where you can lay out a yoga mat with enough space to be safe. It will be useful to have a yoga bolster or bed pillows and cushions, plus a blanket and eye cover. Please set your digital device so you can see the screen and I can see your yoga mat. Each participant is asked to complete and return a standard health form and be aware of the waiver of liability statement on the website.


Friday 19th March 7pm, Friday 23rd April 7pm