Hatha Yoga Class


This is a gentle Hatha Yoga class held virtually twice a week (40 minutes each class) to move and breathe, to balance the energy of the mind and body, based on the timetable below. Themes vary but we always include breathing practice and time to rest in Savasana under a blanket at the end.

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Monday Hatha Yoga Class 9am

last class 21st December 2020 / next class 11th January 2021

last class 29th March 2021 / next class 12th April 2021


Thursday Hatha Yoga Class 9am

last class 17th December 2020 / next class 7th January 2021

last class 25th March 2021 / next class 8th April 2021


Monthly Restorative Yoga Class 7pm (separate booking)

Monday 21st December 2020


Please find a place of least distraction, where you can lay out a yoga mat with enough space to be safe. It will be useful to have a cushion or yoga block plus a blanket and maybe an eye cover. Please set your digital device so you can see the screen and I can see your yoga mat. You will need a free Zoom account to access the class and you will receive the meeting ID number and password to register when you purchase the item. Each participant is asked to complete and return a standard health form and be aware of the waiver of liability statement on the website.


Monday 9am, Thursday 9am