Be Present : 2 Palm Weights


Naturally dyed linen unscented pair of Be Present heart palm weights. Colour is slowly extracted from Avocado pits and skins.

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Linen with a subtle floral print and hand dyed. The hand dye process makes each piece individual with some variation adding to the beauty and to be expected.

These palm weights are the perfect size and weight for use in Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra, where we may remain still for 30-40 minutes, adding gentle weight to the palms assists the transition from sympathetic to parasympathetic dominance of our nervous system.

The palm weights are unscented, so you may choose to wear natural essential oils on your skin therapeutically. Please avoid getting wet.

To enhance your experience of Restorative Yoga or Yoga Nidra you may like to invest in a naturally dyed Be Present eye pillow too, also in the shop and featured in the photo gallery. Our palms connect us to Anahata chakra energy of the heart space.

Each item is gift wrapped for you or another. Remembering that ‘rest is part of life too’.