A willingness to be still, quiet and held in a safe and supported way

If you are seeking support to live your best life, then practice Restorative Yoga. It is a gentle, relaxing and meditative practice that anyone can enjoy.

Restorative Yoga is a pleasurable, restful part of your healing journey. It is a practice of least effort, as we create conditions for the body to be supported to open, rather than to stretch.

This is one of my top practices to feel more creative, vibrant and nourished.

Science tells us, if we create the conditions for relaxation to occur, we shift from our overused Sympathetic Nervous System, where we repeat cycles of stress responses and move into Parasympathetic dominance. We then activate the body’s natural ability to heal. 

If you are recovering from illness or injury, maybe have difficulty steadying your breath the gentle practice of Restorative Yoga may help.

Using props such as blankets, bolsters and cushions, or items we can easily find in our home, we seek comfort and ease. 

I encourage you to make 20 minutes to rest on a regular basis in a supported basic relaxation pose, Savasana, as this is the most important pose for continued health and wellbeing. Savasana features in all our Restorative Yoga classes but can also be a stand-alone practice. Once you have experienced it and understand the principles you can practice on your own at any time.

I have joined the 1.5 hour Restorative Yoga workshop, and come out of it so relaxed and refreshed, and with no idea where the time had gone.

Milton Keynes

In this busy life we are led to believe we are to fill every waking minute with getting things done. Fran supports and encourages us to feel at ease with giving yourself permission to do nothing just to feel well. It’s quite blissful. I feel refreshed after every session.

Milton Keynes
I just wanted to make sure that you knew how much good all your sessions do me. I find your gentle encouraging guidance and ideas so very helpful, so I wanted to express to you my deep gratitude.
Milton Keynes