Restorative Yoga becomes an essential practice if you are seeking support to live your best life.

It is a gentle, relaxing and meditative practice anyone can enjoy.

A pleasurable, restful part of your healing journey and a practice of least effort, as we create conditions for the body to be supported to open, rather than to stretch.


Our Gentle Yoga class in an easy to follow instruction style with gentle movement, essential breath work and relaxation.

Taking care of yourself on purpose, to feel well.

Once you have experienced the physical practice of yoga you may be intrigued to discover more. You may choose to practice at home or delve deeper into the ancient teachings.

‘There comes a time when something crosses your path that changes the course of life, maybe that time is now.’

These words resonated with me in the early 1980s as I took my first yoga class as a student. This first experience led to a life-long passion and interest in going deeper to discover more, this eventually led to training to teach.

I often say ‘we are all beginners’ and this is how I honestly feel. When you come to your mat simply ask ‘what’s showing up, what’s real for me right now’. From these simple enquiries you move with curiosity to go deeper to touch a place in you that feels real with the sole purpose of feeling well.

If you are seeking support to live your best life I’d love to meet you.

We were gifted the most gorgeous parcel of goodness, charcoals, pencils, mixed papers and fabrics, that guided our afternoon’s creations.

We breathed and explored textures, we ripped paper, we bashed leaves, we printed our own colours, we drew, we moved our bodies, we observed. We created beautiful memories.

Being guided by Fran in an afternoon of Art and Nature was soothing balm for my soul. I was a little apprehensive when I booked, as I am NOT an artist, I am a nature lover and a creative person, but the thought of drawing and painting nature made me nervous.

But please, do not think you have to be an established artist to experience such joy and light in Fran’s workshops.

We were guided back to our breath, we were mindful of the placement of our pencil and charcoal on the paper. We created colours and patterns out of leaves from the ground, we observed colours of flowers change in the sunlight.

Please give yourself this time and space and experience to deepen your connection to yourself and to nature. It is truly a gift.

Stoke Goldington

A creative & joyful afternoon of flowers, drawing, tea and cake.
We meandered around Kathy Brown’s wonderful Manor Gardens collecting inspiration to draw. Fran lead us through some great art practices to help us be more experimental. It was nice to draw freely and without expectation. We created leaf prints to fabric, we drew, we sipped tea surrounded by flowers and ate Kathy’s delicious homemade cakes… what’s not to love!

Newport Pagnell

During my recovery from Covid-19, practising Restorative Yoga and Meditation 1-1 with Fran has been the medicine I needed to find myself again. I feel incredibly lucky to regularly experience Fran’s patience and kindness. She has shown me the true importance of looking after my wellbeing. Thank you Fran x