the rest collective

FREE LIVE session

11th Feb 2021

I feel it’s time for collective rest, join me again with nothing for you to do, no where else to be, just be present, under a blanket, fully supported, guided by the compassionate breath – still quiet dark warm / Pranayama Savasana. All welcome.


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just sitting

FREE LIVE sessions

Saturday 20th - Friday 26th
Feb 2021

Come and join me as we sit quietly for 30 minutes at 7am for 7 consecutive days. No agenda, just a wish to feel connection with like-minded others. Light a candle or whatever brings your focus. Bring a cup of tea if you wish. Join for some or all of the days.


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just breathing

Slow subtle breath

4 minute audio

we begin to ‘shape’ our breath evening out the flow and noticing a pause which helps bring us to be present

Be nourished

4 minute audio

spacious and relaxed breathing practice for anytime of day or night with a focus on the whole body

Sense of calm

10 minute audio

awareness of sounds can bring us into the present moment, combined with a smooth and even breath can be helpful to reduce anxious feelings

Pure breathing

10 minute audio

paying absolute attention to the movement of breath, with the very lightest of touch