forming a habit of Sitting quietly creates space just to be

What could be more radical than to sit quietly on your own for a few minutes each day. Simply put, sitting quietly creates space in life for you just to be, nothing expected of you, nowhere else to go, just to sit.

With practice those around you will begin to notice something’s different about you, without necessarily knowing what it is.

Sitting on a regular basis allows you to experience a deeper connection with life, as you navigate change.


This group is free for you with a link shared in my newsletter.

This is one of my top practices and support is offered in our quiet online regular Sitting in Stillness group, this is given freely for our collective wellbeing. 

A simple guided practice, shared with others, just come as you are.

Put simply, coming to sit in stillness, on purpose, improves how we feel.

The benefits of meditation are well documented and it may seem too easy. However, through regular practice you can experience a deeper connection with yourself and those around you, on and off your meditation cushion.

When you sit each day you notice thoughts, allow them to come and go. The same things may always shows up and after time you realise that you are not your thoughts.

Fran has the remarkable gift of sharing her tranquillity and calmness with others. Her practice radiates wellbeing and thoughtfulness to be happy with the present moment. With every session, one is able not only to look inwards and focus but at the same time reach out and share that experience with others.  Whether it be a time for stillness or restorative yoga, I come away restored, refreshed and filled with hope.


This is such a wonderful way to start the day.


I just come to sit as I am, some days in my pyjamas. Fran always seems to guide us with something that is exactly right for how I’m feeling right now. As if we are just in conversation with each other. It’s just blissful.