Support for wellbeing

Slowly we embrace February and in my garden I see small signs of growth, maybe you can in yours too. While we wait for Spring to evolve, I invite you to consider the variety of things that build your resilience and serve you well, here’s a few of mine

Sitting in Stillness

In previous years Autumn has signified taking time out on RETREAT. To invoke this feeling I am SITTING IN SILENCE at the beginning of the day, much like we would before breakfast if we were away together.To feel this CONNECTION join me for 7 days @ 7am GMT for 30 minutes as we sit in …

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Journey Into

Support is here, for your self practice in the form of a collection of recordings which you can access anytime, anywhere, for whatever you need on the Journey Into platform. It is my hope you will find connection, not only with me but with yourself as I build a resource for you. Over the coming …

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Now rest…

Have you noticed how easy it is to be busy? When we choose to keep moving on to the next and the next thing we slowly disconnect from our centre, our truth. We may not notice at first, it’s a gradual thing that may actually serve us well to be constantly distracted with the new. …

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creative well-being

Time spent exploring creativity through watercolour painting is well-being in practice to me, just like any other practice. It requires me to become acutely present, to observe, breathe and respond. First, I stand take off my shoes and feel the soles of my feet on the ground – connection Secondly, I breathe, loosen my shoulders …

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Soulful Nature is a story

… a story of well-being and a connection to nature Teaching the art of relaxation through slow, nurturing restorative yoga and meditation. Sharing creativity as watercolour painting on cards, prints and gifts. Extracting colour from healing plants to create natural fabric dyes. Enhancing emotional and physical health with the purest therapeutic grade essential oils.