Nature’s Light : Far Infrared Rays

Laying on a BioMat, with its adjustable range of temperatures, infrared rays improve general health, stimulate immune function and boost energy

Nature’s Energiser : Negative Ions

Found in nature, negative ions boost our immune system, reduce stress and help regulate sleep and mood

BioMat is a medical grade (FDA approved) therapeutic device for treatment and home use.  Invisible FIR and Negative Ions are channeled through amethyst and tourmaline crystals to gently warm the body.

The Infrared heat from a BioMat penetrates deep into the body to reach inflamed tissues, muscles and bones.

It is a registered medical device in the United States, Canada and other countries around the world.

Release stress
Reduce arthritic pain
Bring pain relief
Improve sleep
Detoxify the body
Enhance mood
Lessen the effect of SAD

BioMat combines infrared healing technologies developed by NASA with the known thermal properties of amethyst crystals.

Infrared has many practical and demonstrated benefits including stimulation of healing, an increase in mitochondrial function, increase in blood flow, increase in blood and cellular oxygenation.

In alternative healing, heating amethyst is an effective way to produce negative ions. Negative ions accelerate healing and cleansing processes in the body.

After just 20 minutes on the BioMat, I felt like I had a good nights sleep! My body and mind felt relaxed and clear. Bliss!