Soulful Nature


There’s an art to flowing with life turning imaginative ideas into reality

Our wellbeing and nature are not separate. Spending time outdoors, no matter what the weather connects us to ourselves as well as the natural environment.

I invite you to delve into the season of Autumn slowing down to observe, listen, touch, smell and feel your way through each day.

Observing, listening, gathering, drawing and painting all these things connect us with nature.

This life is a gift …



This season is Autumn / Fall
but what we lose in flowers
we gain in fruits

Spending time outdoors can help us feel more balanced emotionally, a feeling that we are taking good care of ourselves, on purpose.

A creative practice, call it broadly ‘Art’, is one way to nurture your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional wellbeing. Our Art & Wellbeing products and workshops help you develop ways to be well, re-establishing a connection with your own true nature.

I feel very much cared for in Fran’s online class. She knows I will take my time and her guidance is very clear. This is very good for me. When we were unable to join a class in person Fran quickly adapted to online yoga classes. She gave us the confidence to continue our own practice at home and I have really felt the benefit from being able to come to online classes.


My grandchildren love their yoga and it all started with you Fran. The youngest one even asked for a yoga kit for his birthday.


I’m really enjoying discovering yoga for the first time. I have always found it very hard to sit still and relax. I have tried many meditation and relaxation techniques over the years, and not found one to suit. As someone with a chronic health condition , anything physical is a challenge. Fran’s weekly yoga practice has been a revelation. Not only have I been able to join in with most of the practice, I have found it relaxing and just what I needed in these trying times.

Milton Keynes